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Creation of your own mobile app Setting up a local (hyper-local) media on your phone


Displaying of the selected information on the private/friends’ site


Check the level of mastering the knowledge of this module before performing tasks



1) On gurtom.mobi, set the map area (viewport) in such a way that only your community (as far as possible) is displayed. Find all beacons with Smart People. Copy the generated URL.

2) Navigate to the yellow “Assist” button and create a tag with # tagging message for a person and paste the copied URL. The same as on the screen


1) On gurtom.mobi, set the map area (viewport) in such a way that only your community (as far as possible) is displayed. With the help of the 5th Beacon Type, turn on the Beacon Lights: “It’s Bad” and “Important” *. See Zone 2 statistics for “Basic Information.” 
Make her a screenshot.

* If there is no lighthouse, check that all the lever in filter 1 is “natural persons”.

2) Change the settings for the 5th Beacon Type Filter to enable the Project Beacon View. See Zone 2 statistics for “Basic Information.”
Make her a screenshot.

3) Send both screens to the coordinator of your group, and a copy to the 4youth.corporation@gmail.com (training support volunteer team). Who learns on their own (not included in the defined initiative groups of communities) – only a team of volunteers.

Create your “own mobile application”, set up local (hyper-local) media on your phone

On your mobile phone, create your own mobile app with the following settings:

– In the “map” area, place only your community as much as possible;

– enable to display the type of light beacon: “Here is good”, “It’s bad”, “Important”; and project proposals like “Project”;

– In the filter by time, select For the entire period.

– create the name of the application on your own.

Display selected information on your own site

Displaying the selected information on your own site is not obligatory during the training on the first component “Intelligent Citizen”. So the problem is descriptive.

Using the green feedback button of this module:

– In the “What exactly did you like and why?” section, please describe:

1) on what topics would it be desirable to make layers of information for your community? Suggest at least three topics.

2) Provide links to local sites (local authorities, administrations, NGOs, mass media or business structures) where relevant thematic layers of information would be appropriate.

3) what actions / measures you recommend to local governments, NGOs, media and donors to attract people to support the current state of the thematic layers that you have proposed.

4) indicate your role for measures under item 3 – What exactly are you prepared to do?

TASK FOR 1 COMPONENT “Intelligent Citizen”

You complete the training for all modules of the first component “Intelligent Citizen” and this is a control task for the entire component. Write a letter (email) to the responsible coordinator of your community’s initiative group. In the letter, describe exactly the approaches and tools of this component, and for what exactly (in your activities and community life) will be useful in your opinion. Try to demonstrate knowledge of all the training modules and be very specific about the areas of practical use in your community. It is recommended at a glance to review all component materials at a glance before performing this task.

The letter should be sent to the email of the responsible coordinator of your community, indicating 4youth.corporation@gmail.com in a copy.

If you study independently (you are not a member of the community initiative group), send the letter to the 4youth.corporation@gmail.com volunteer team.

Thank you!

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