Trouble Solver, Social Entrepreneurs

Creating of the comment


Creating of a new project related to specific issues


Steps for raising money for the project through crowdfunding


Steps to submit a project for a grant


Reacting to several specific issues by one solution.


Further steps (conditions and procedure for receipt of collected funds, realization, reporting)


Check the level of mastering the knowledge of this module before performing tasks


Creating of the comment

1. On gurtom.mobi add the comments to 2 beacons “It’s good here” type, and one “It’s bad here” or “Important” type that were created by other users on the territory of your community.

2. In 3-4- days check if there are any comments to the created beacons on the gurtom.mobi on the territory of your community.

Creating of the new project related to the definite question

On gurtom.mobi add at least 1 project (creating of the project that is connected with the beacon of demand) to the beacon of demand (“It’s bad”/” Important” type) that were created by other users.

During the creating:

1)     In the field “Name” near the name of your project it’s obligatory to write “Test”;

2)     Add (choose from the list) tag #SmartCitizen and tag #Test;

3)     In the field “Offer the NGO for heading the project” you may leave it empty or point any of the organizations from the list. If you don’t know them – you may choose The Charity Fund “Young Community”.

Steps for raising money for the project by crowdfunding

  1. On the gurtom.mobi you may find the project that was created by you with the word “Test”. Step by step do this tasks:

– in the field “Offer the NGO for heading of that project” put the name of the organization for heading the project: NGO “The Youth Corporation”. It doesn’t depend on whether that field was empty or not.

  1.     Share that information in the social networking sites or on other web sites about the project that you’ve created on gurtom.mobi.

The link for the post put in the feedback form (the green bottom).

  1.     To the project that you’ve just created add some comments with any additional information about the project.

Reacting on several questions by one decision

On gurtom.mobi find any of your projects with the name “Test”. Make the connection between that and any three beacons of the demand (“It’s bad”, “It’s good hear” or “Important”) in your community that were created by other users. Add the comment to your project where you give some statements about those changes (if you don’t see any connection just put “Practical task” there).

Complete the task 4 from the module “Hunters for the problems”

Task 4 in the module “Hunters for the problems” was recommended to complete after all other tasks from the module “TroubleSolver”, so it’s high time to come back and complete that task.

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